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Innovate to Grow

How to Maximize Success Through Innovation

An innovative corporate culture and the right set of techniques to unleash creativity are crucial in every business. It is imperative to challenge your thinking process and learn techniques to improve the generation of ideas.

This three-day interactive and practical learning program on innovative practices will enhance your team’s customer-focused mindset and skills. It will inspire individuals to contribute to the developing of new products, services, and business concepts as well as expanding their organisations to new markets.


The goal of this learning program is to equip leaders with a range of new techniques that will help them to:

    • Identify the areas in need for innovation in the organisation’s processes and services.

    • Utilize creative thinking and innovative tools and techniques for generating and selecting ideas.

    • Choose the best ideas and concepts for future development.

    • Develop systems to take ideas from concept to the final polished design.

    • Measure the effectiveness of new solutions and build upon them.

    • Empower individuals, groups and teams to share a common language and process for innovating and generating ideas

    • Understand how to create an innovative and creative environment.

    • Reduce drastically the time required to implement innovative solutions.



This is an interactive module on Innovation Practices. Participants will learn through a variety of methods including:

  • • Group discussions – 25%
  • • Role plays and simulating real situations – 30%
  • • Written exercises in which you will apply key concepts 3.0 – 15%
  • • Question and answer sessions (Anytime)
  • • Examples and case studies – 20%.
  • • Theory and its practical application – 10%