A Think Tank for Executive Learning

Purpose and Values

Evolutionary purposeful leadership is driven by values that create inclusive sustainable growth


We exist to help organizations and people grow holistically through impactful learning programs and experiences so that they can achieve true fulfillment.

The primary role of leadership – purposeful leadership – is to mobilize people and organizations towards a purpose that enhances their experience of life.

The Kouly Institute through its programs, publications, events and research leads high performing executives towards their organizational and personal
purpose. We then provide the tools and skills necessary to turn this purpose into strategies for growth and success.

People with a clear sense of purpose experience life in a more fulfilling way. Organizations with a clear purpose exponentially
outperform the rest. That is the power of purposeful leadership.




We believe that authenticity brings out uniqueness that creates distinguished value.


We believe that innovation, is the key to survival and growth. Without innovation failure and demise are certain.


We believe that entrepreneurship creates new horizons of possibilities of growth.


We believe that ideas have to be practical so that they can create value and progress.


We believe that only through deep understanding and commitment to excellence can intellectual rigor be achieved.


We believe that we are all connected and that together we can grow better.


We believe that in the end the ultimate purpose is to make life better to all stakeholders.