Finding Your Hummus: Discover your personal and organizational purpose




Finding Your Hummus is a metaphor for defining and actualizing personal and organizational purpose.

This book will provide you, your colleagues, family, and friends with transformational insights about life and business and will unleash your personal and organizational power in a fascinating way.

– Shift happens in life and business, are you ready? This book is about leadership in times of change.

– Do you, your people and business have a guiding purpose? This book is about finding your calling.

– Do you have a personal and organizational strategy to fulfill your purpose? This book is about self-awareness, self-motivation, and self-leadership that together can achieve self-fulfillment.

– How do you deal with competition, conflict, and confusion? This is a book of empowering inspirational quotes that generate strength and lead to self-actualization.

– What is the prime philosophy behind starting a business of growth and sustainable success?

– What is the mindset to lead a life of resilience, abundance, and significance? This book is about finding your passion and discovering your purpose to live a purpose-driven life.

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