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Leading for Growth

How to Unleash Organizational & Personal Potential

Leading for Growth is a unique business simulation that analyses and evaluates business competence and acumen with organizational psychology and sociology. It explores the leadership perspective by understanding the individual and the barriers that prevent development of potential

This Four-day unique simulation will help leader realize their unlocked abilities through a series of constructive and provocative interactions.


The goal of this simulation is to equip leaders with a range of new techniques that will help them to:

    • Gain a deeper understanding and awareness of their personal leadership profile; patterns of behavior,areas of improvement, blind spots, reactions to stress and conflict to develop core leadership assets and strength.

    • Design smarter leadership interventions, to create maximum impact that drives organizations forward.

    • Mobilize the self, people and organizations.

    • Dive deeply into purpose, its impact and what it means on an individual and corporate level.



This is a simulation on Unlocking personal potential. Participants will learn through a variety of methods including:

  • • Group discussions – 20%
  • • Role plays and simulating real life situations and response assessment – 35%
  • • One-on-one coaching – 10%
  • • Written exercises in which you will apply key concepts – 10%
  • • Question and answer sessions – 15%
  • • Theory and its practical application – 10%