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Leading With Emotional Intelligence

How to Understand and Use the Emotional Factors of Leadership

Business leaders cannot lose sight of the fact that their employees are people; with real lives and emotions that impact how they think, feel, and act. Therefore successful organizations create an environment of inclusion and awareness that encompass individual’s needs.

This 3-day interactive learning program will enable leaders to build positive and beneficial work relationships by becoming “conscious communicators.” The participants will learn how to use emotional intelligence to analyze situations and to consciously select and use productive communication strategies.


The goal of this learning program is to equip leaders with a range of new techniques that will help them to:

    • Optimize performance and move past fears that may block their growth.

    • Manage their emotions within the personal and professional context

    • Handle change and conflict to become more flexible and adaptable.

    • Increase their self-awareness and understanding of others.

    • Recognize their patterns of behavior, decision-making and expression of emotions.

    • Develop better relationships at work and channel their emotions towards performance.

    • Handle difficult situations and team concerns assertively and professionally.

    • Lead by example and embody their organisation’s core values of teamwork, transparency and respect.



This is an interactive program on Emotional Intelligence Networking and Relationship Building. Participants will learn through a variety of methods including:

  • • Group discussions – 15%
  • • Role plays and simulating real situations and response assessment – 35%
  • • One-on-one coaching – 10%
  • • Written exercises in which you will apply key concepts – 10%
  • • Question and answer sessions – 10%
  • • Examples and case studies – 10%.
  • • Theory and its practical application – 10%