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Leading With Relational Intelligence

How to Expand Your Leadership Influence Through Strong Relationships

People and organizations have each experienced the benefits of thriving relationships and the damage of negative ones. The performance of any organization depends on the quality of relationships amongst its people, clients, colleagues and external stakeholders.

This Three-day program helps increase personal awareness to recognize the social cues and warning signs in relationships and methods on how to counteract them.


The goal of this simulation is to equip leaders with a range of new techniques that will help them to:

    • Understand relationships, why we need them, how to commence, manage and cultivate them

    • Develop your relational intelligence capabilities while increasing your self-awareness.

    • Highlight the strengths,weaknesses and quality of your relationships. How these factors impact every aspect of your life.

    • Identify common misperceptions about relationships.



This is a Learning program on working with authority. Participants will learn through a variety of methods including:

  • • Group discussions – 20%
  • • Role plays and simulating real situations and response assessment – 35%
  • • One-on-one coaching – 10%
  • • Written exercises in which you will apply key concepts – 10%
  • • Question and answer sessions – 15%
  • • Theory and its practical application – 10%