All artificial barriers of age, culture, status, etc. fall down one after the other to reveal the person you really are. During that time, a little voice inside of you gently whispers ‘this is the time you have long been waiting for, go on and go for it!’ The others will help you along the way, because that’s exactly the way they feel too! Slowly but surely, everyone is naturally compelled to help the other in his quest to find out how to become a better person.

In short, this leadership simulation WILL CHANGE YOUR LIFE, forever. You should consider enrolling yourself in it IF – and ONLY IF!! – you are truly ready for the exciting changes it will naturally and irreversibly drive you to make in your own life… and hopefully the ones of the others around you!

One last word to you Michael: you are simply an amazing person. I admire your courage and devotion to your dedicated passion to make each one of us a better person. You can count on my unconditional support for the rest of my life.”