Instead of writing about how interesting this experience was and how it impacted me; and instead of using technical and unnecessary jargon, let me put things in a very simple way:

Imagine the most adrenaline pumping experience you’ve had. Imagine the most intense training you’ve ever done. Multiply them by some fictional number, and you might come close to this experience.

If this is not making sense, let me help you.
I don’t care if you’ve sky-dived.
I don’t care if you’ve bungee-jumped.
I don’t care if you’ve climbed Mount Everest.
I don’t care if you’ve run marathons.
I don’t care if you’ve flown a jet fighter.
I don’t care if you’ve been in space shuttle.
Nothing you’ve ever done can prepare you for this.
You will be tossed.
You will be twisted.
You will be pushed.
You will be pulled.
You will be stripped.
You will be molded.
You will be kneaded.
You will be shaped,
and at the end you will come out FREE.

It is the best gift you can ever grant yourself”