I would like to say a big “Thank You” to Michael without whom I could never have experienced this amazing journey of life:

To the one who made me realize that knowledge does not only come from books;
To the one who will always keep on inspiring me to become a better person;
To the one who made me discover with pride my scars, blessings and uniqueness;
To the one who let me make my EGO, my slave, after I was his for a whole lifetime;
To the one who made me feel just in four days that I was the king of the world;
To that beautiful mind;
To that transparent look;
To that modest man;
To that wonderful person;
To that inspiring LEADER;

To you, my mentor, not a million compliments would be enough to let you know how much respect and gratitude, I have deeply inside for you.

Throughout my whole life, I will never forget you Michael, nor will I forget how much you have helped me. THANK YOU!”