I had the pleasure of getting to know Michael at Harvard’s Kennedy School of Government. Every now and then, we are fortunate enough to meet someone so spectacular that it is humbling to be with them, Michael Kouly is one of those exceptional people.

Michael’s integrity, humanity and complete conviction that we as individuals can make the world a better place, set him apart – he is a leader in the truest sense of the word. Michael’s first class academic credentials combined with the disciplined, introspective work that he has done to fine-tune his own leadership skills make him a masterful teacher.

His techniques are strategically subtle, a casual question followed by a thoughtful consideration of your answer, and then the next probing question. Michael quickly grasps the nuances of the situation at hand and identifies the problems that keep people and organizations from realizing their full potential. Through insightful teaching, he draws the best out of people, and leads them to the answers. Michael understands that solving the challenges of the world requires individual and organizational work; he provides the scholarship, strength and leadership that serve as a foundation for constructive change.

Michael and I had many discussions about the benefits and challenges of working cross- culturally, in my case, on NASA’s International Space Station Program, a cooperative effort involving over 16 different nations. In his usually insightful way, he summarizeda NASA’s human space-flight program in a single word, hope. When we look to the skies, and see people across the world coming together for a common purpose, to make the world a better place, it gives us all hope for the future. Michael embodies this hope, and has transformed his aspirations into practical reality.

With his skillful leadership, the Kouly Institute will enable each of us to make kind of impact we aspire to. I consider it a privilege to support Michael Kouly and the Kouly Institute.”