When I decided to attend this simulation I thought it would reinforce my understanding of Leadership and help me acquire some leadership techniques.

It took me way beyond that to the experience of BIRTH.

A group of twelve people went in without having any idea about what was waiting for them. Each was carrying a treasured gift without knowing. Some had their gift covered with dust as they had never felt its presence. Others have used it accidentally from time to time, with or without knowing what it was. In the simulation, we all acknowledged the presence of this gift within us, pulled it out, cleared the dust, and put our soul in. It wasn’t an easy exercise; it was painful and it required a lot of courage and conviction but, it was rewarding; this small hidden gift if well nurtured could help us change a lot of things in our lives, and eventually change the world.

I came out of the simulation believing that Leadership is more than a style or a skill; it is a choice between Standing Still and Acting. Our world starves for good actions; all what we need to help, is mastering the techniques acquired during the simulation.

No matter what you do in life, no matter what stage of your career you are in, or how much you have exercised leadership, make your choice today and attend this simulation. It will be one of the best gifts you give to yourself and to your world.”