I would call this simulation ‘a self-discovery safari;’ you have to know yourself before knowing others.

It is one of the very few things that made a major change in my life; it is like being reborn to live your life differently. Personally, I attended several technical and non-technical workshops/trainings/simulations/sessions but this experience is one of a kind and way beyond any expectations!!

I learned to live better moments and help others do the same. It inspired me a lot and gave me suddenly the talent to inspire people!! I see things with a different eye.

Definitely Michael with his unique presence was the main pillar for making this simulation very special; his belief in what he is saying makes the success of this simulation guaranteed.

He is very inspiring with a lot of compassion and love plus a high level of professionalism. I was really honored to meet him and honestly wish him all the best in his life.

I wish I can tell you more, you have to experience it yourself and believe me you will never regret it; it is beyond any testimonial!!!”