Unforgettable and challenging experience! I never experienced learning at such a deep intellectual and emotional level.

I always wondered what the purpose of my life journey was; and the answer was relieving, comforting and reassuring: Live your uniqueness!

A workshop simulation incomparable to any other seminar I’ve been to. The learning has a deep and lasting impact; the teachings, simulations, and case studies require personal involvement and interaction between group members, and Michael was a master in orchestrating the discussions and increasing awareness to values, principles and all aspects associated with the dynamics of exercising ‘good Leadership.’

My view on Leadership – as we know it – was completely reversed. However, the foundations for exercising “good” leadership can be within reach for everyone! One needs to know and be aware of his own ‘default settings’ and ‘blind spots’ in order to change from within, grow and survive, and this is the starting point to impacting others’ lives around you to the better.

A unique, enriching and pleasurable experience which starts with a group of strangers and ends in ‘fireworks’! Thank you, Michael.”