Dare to look like a fool, you might just discover yourself

We like comfort. We like safety. Most importantly, we like to look good. We spend so much time every day perfecting the mask, or the image of the person we want to be. We do this because sometimes the scariest thing is being vulnerable, making a mistake, looking weak or foolish. So we build walls, and excuse after excuse, just so we don’t have to go there, or do that. We live behind this wall for so long that we forget what anything else looks like.

By breaking this wall, and daring to step outside the box and exposing the real us, we discover what we are truly made of and that comfort and safety is mundane and bland. It is staying behind the wall or mask that we should fear above all. Safety sometimes, locks you up and forces you to only move as much as the parameters of the box allow. You become a prisoner of your own making.

-Michael Kouly

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