“Don’t just ‘work’, make life happier.”

There are people who work mainly to get to the money. There are others who work to build a career. And there are people who regardless of money and career, work to create value that makes the life of others happier. Of course money is a factor in all three scenarios but the point is about the main psychological drive for work.

For most people, time spent at work constitutes the largest part of their life. Regardless of the nature of the work – be it washing dishes or leading a country – the meaning we give to our work is largely the actual meaning we give to life, at least to its largest component. The options are few: Either a feeling of being painfully “stuck” in a job just to get the money, or, a feeling of pride in doing work that provides an opportunity to serve others and make their life easier or more beautiful. The choice is between a life of suffering and a life of meaning, satisfaction, purpose, multiple rewards and also of fun. Your choice will shape your life!

-Michael Kouly

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