There is a vast space between submission and rebellion. It is called negotiation.

People tend to look at things as black or white, either they agree or disagree, it’s either right or wrong. When it comes to dealing with authority, the same applies, individuals either fully submit or rebel. In other words, you are either the company doormat, taking on every piece of workload and breaking your back or the employee that nobody can stand because everything, from the slightest offense becomes a scandal and a scene.

But the truth is, it does not have to be black or white, for there is an entire spectrum of options somewhere in between. If we are able to tap into this field we can avoid a lot of conflict with others and with ourselves. This place is called negotiation (not just in business, but in social relationships as well). It is about finding a creative way, where both sides can come out better than they started and preserve their relationship. Call it negotiation or compromise. More times than not it is key to progress and a way to see all sides progressing forward. Find an mutually-acceptable ground, talk, negotiate and thrive in every facet of our short but beautiful life.

-Michael Kouly

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